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Searching for the Star of 2015!

Some don’t realize it but often the most talented people can be those nearest to you. Walking the halls of Yale SOM are comedians, singers, dancers, even thespians. Last night, their talent was on show for all to see.

MBA students are notoriously focused on their goals. Whilst we may have heads for business, we are also well rounded individuals. For example David Goodchild ’16 from my cohort worked in orchestras as a professional bassist before SOM. That’s just astounding!

Hilde Dahmer '16 presenting a comedy news program

Seeking talent from all over SOM to raise money for the Internship Fund, Star Search was a night to remember. It started simply enough, with Danny Mangan ’16 and Vivek Ladsariya ’15 taking to the stage to thank everyone for buying a ticket to help the Internship Fund. I was second up, the first comedy act of the night, and also the first time I’d ever performed any comedy in public! Maybe it was the drinks, or perhaps I really was that witty, but everyone laughed and it was a fantastic feeling being on that stage. I will definitely be bringing back SOMe news and my RP accent for the next Star Search.

Now, I was pretty happy with my performance, feeling that I was the act to beat. But then the great performances just kept on coming:

Karen Chen '16 floating across a
makeshift ballroom dance floor
  • Gordon Schoenfeld ’15 performing the song “Let It Go” in 25 languages
  • Class of ’15 performing a Bollywood Breakdown vs. Class of ’16 performing their own Bollywood dance
  • Karlanna ’16 rapping like a pro!
  • Tanmay Manohar ’16 performing Shakespeare
  • Ballroom & Salsa Dancing
  • More music than you could shake a stick at
  • A big performance by the joint degree MBA/FES students that included acrobatics and a level of synchronicity that explained why study halls had been so quiet this week (I assume they were practicing, much better use of time!)

And finally, we were all upstaged by one person and her partner. Ophelia Hu ’16 had a headline for her performance that was just titled ‘Piano’. Up there she was, getting us all involved in her lovely musical abilities when live on stage, she proposed to her girlfriend, Hayli. It was a beautiful moment, and the demonstration of love in front of all of SOM was magical to take part in.

Ophelia topped us all, upstaged every single one of us! So next year, if I’m lucky enough to MC or perform, there will be a new rule – No proposals on stage, unless you want to propose to me…

Ophelia Hu '16 leading the audience along in song before she proposed to Hayli

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