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San Miguel's Turning Points

Dr. Benito Manrique describes some of the turning points in the history of his company, San Miguel de Proyectos Agropecuarios, at his plant in Huixcazdhá, Hidalgo, Mexico.

San Miguel de Proyectos Agropecuarios plant, Huixcazdhá, Hidalgo, Mexico - 12/5/2013

“San Miguel de Proyectos Agropecuarios may have been the result of Dr. Benito Manrique’s vision, but many hands contributed to the success of the venture. Especially during its first decade, the nascent enterprise veered from crisis to crisis. ‘Learning by doing,’ Benito Manrique and his intrepid band of allies managed to build a solid base for the company.

From San Miguel’s founding in 1986, Diego Manrique joined his brother Benito as co-investor in the venture. Diego was in the travel industry, taking him between Mexico and Europe, but he came to share his brother’s enthusiasm for creating the venture. While Benito was on the ground in Huixcazdhá, Diego participated in the company by providing capital, advice and moral support.”