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Running into people

A good friend of mine from college has recently moved to the greater New Haven area, so we've been able to hang out regularly for the first time since undergrad. In doing so, I've become a bit more conscious of how easy it is to run into fellow SOM students while hanging out at the usual haunts in New Haven. For example, tonight when all we did was go and grab a bite to eat, we ran into Luis (who lives in my building) while walking to the car, then ran into a couple other SOMers at the restaurant. Even later in the night, if TC stuck around for the movie, he would have also met Kayam, one of the people from my learning team. This isn't anything new. It actually happens all the time. I just don't usually think about it. After all, I did run into a professor last weekend while doing laundry (she too lives in my building). It's just one of those things that happens in a small school in a smaller town. You get to know everyone and if you go to the regular haunts, as we did tonight, there's a pretty good chance you'll run into someone!