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Round 2 decisions

Now that our second application round is roughly two-thirds over, it seems like a good time to take stock with where we are and what will happen for the rest of the round. We released our first batch of decisions right at the end of February. These decisions were mostly our Consortium applications, to whom we owed a decision by early March, with a few additional applications that we were ready to release added on. We feel very good about the people we admitted through the Consortium process. Although there were challenges in our first year of membership in terms of integrating into the Consortium process and deadlines, the applications we received and applicants we admitted were very strong. Going forward, we are currently planning to release at least two more batches of Round 2 decisions -- later this month, and then again closer to the April 10 notification deadline. As a general matter, we try to release decisions as soon as possible, but there is a rather involved process both leading up to and immediately following the release of decisions, which militates against releasing decisions too frequently. We try to achieve the best balance we can in terms of the timing and frequency of releasing decisions given the constraints we are under. We are also still very much in the process of reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and making decisions. I would estimate that we have already extended roughly 75% of the interview invitations we plan to extend for the round, and will invite the remaining 25% between now and the end of the round as we continue to read applications. I am sure that there are many people who submitted applications and still have not heard from us with either an interview invitation or a decision. I know that waiting can be very difficult. Just know that we are doing our best to be in touch with people as soon as we have an update for them.