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Round 1 Interview Invitations

Things have been a bit quiet here at SOM recently. Last week was exam period, so students were hunkered down in exam mode, and this week the second years are on break before the begin of Fall 2 on Monday. The first years are currently on campus for their Managing Groups & Teams class, though, which means there's some activity right now -- just not as much as normal. Things will be back in full swing come Monday. That's not to say there hasn't been activity here at SOM. The Admissions Office has been full steam ahead since our first round deadline on October 8. We've been extremely impressed by the quality of the applications -- seemingly our best crop yet from initial indications -- and are working hard to move forward with the review process as expeditiously as possible. In fact, we sent out our first batch of interview invitations yesterday. These invitations are just the first wave that we will send out; I estimate that they constitute somewhere shy of half the invitations we will ultimately send out this round. So for those applicants who received an invitation yesterday -- congratulations! We look forward to seeing you on campus soon. For applicants who did not receive an interview invitation yet -- don't fret. We know waiting can be very difficult, but there are more invitations on the way. We will continue to send out invitations in the coming weeks as we move through the review process. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for our email. I'll share more updates as I have them. Bruce