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Real-World Marketing Challenges with Yale CCI Discovery Projects

Discover new insights and new ways of thinking. Experience a real-world challenge. Impact a global organization...
All in one 14-week project. 

The Yale Center for Customer Insights is the intellectual hub for Yale SOM students who are passionate about marketing.  Each semester, YCCI pairs senior leaders at top global firms with a team of Yale MBA students under the guidance of tenured faculty to tackle one of the firm’s high-priority marketing challenges.

This Fall, Yale is partnering with leaders at  HP,  MasterCard,  Viacom, and  Mars to tackle projects with topics that run the gamut of marketing—from a deep dive into the adoption of digital wallets and other mobile-payment technologies to using behavioral science to help consumers develop healthy consumption habits.

Traditional experiential learning projects focus on applying theories and frameworks from the classroom to real projects. The reality, however, is that the questions on the minds of today’s CMO’s don’t have solutions that fit neatly into the “P’s and C’s” of marketing.  Instead, senior marketing leaders are faced with issues that are broad, unstructured, and multi-faceted.

In the Discovery Projects, we take these broad, unstructured problems and think critically, systematically, and iteratively about them so that students learn not only how to use a framework, but also how to create one.   

As a result, the course is simultaneously incredibly rigorous and incredibly rewarding.  At the end, students realize that not only have they generated meaningful insights and actionable recommendations, but that they are also more prepared to lead a team from problem to solution.

Visit our website to learn more about  Discovery Projects with Yale SOM’s Center for Customer Insights.

Here’s what our students had to say about the projects:

I had the opportunity to work closely with professors and other MBA students to deliver meaningful, actionable consumer insights to a Fortune 50 company.

Working on a YCCI Discovery project not only made me a more competitive candidate for my full-time role in brand management, but it also prepared me to hit the ground running my first day on the job.

This program is uniquely Yale!