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Ready for Launch (almost)

Business school is transition. No sooner have you unpacked your bags in your East Rock apartment and dived into orientation, then you are repacking for your summer sublettor (with a wish and a prayer that they won't flambe the coffee table), unpacking in a tiny summer sublet, repacking, unpacking for Fall Yr 2, finding a full time job, coasting and peddling in a haze through second year, then finding yourself gazing around your East Rock apartment with the daunting task of moving, storing, moving for graduation, summer, new job in fall. (p.s. I wasn't so lucky on the coffee table--lovely scorches). A month remains until graduation. A prospective student asked me if I was ready to leave, and the answer was yes... almost. It is a lot to digest to think of leaving my friends and New Haven neighborhood behind, moving, taking on a new job, life and routine. As well as I can imagine what to expect for my life ahead (= next fall), it is hard to see more than a gray idea. It is thrilling. It is scary. And now and again, I get a wave of nostalgia when I realize my SOM days are threading to a close. Last things to get in before I leave: 1. Spending time with classmates, and getting to know them better. I am realizing that we will never all be here again, together, like this. 2. Spending more time with close friends. I can still come back for all the great restaurants.