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Noah Aptekar '16 Launches IX Acquisition Corporation

By: A. J. Wasserstein May 3, 2021

A SPAC, sometimes referred to as a blank check company, is a company with no current business operations that is formed exclusively to raise capital through an initial public offering (IPO) for the purpose of acquiring an existing company with business operations. Aptekar has extensive...

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Q&A with Daniel Blandon ’19, Co-founder of Simma Capital

March 4, 2021

Daniel Blandon  Q: Tell us about Simma Capital. How did you get your idea for the business? A: Simma Capital is a Venture Capital investment fund based in Colombia. Despite being a fund, it is a venture itself and therefore the conception and strategy were conceived like any new...

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Ross Butler '21 Acquires Cleveland-Based BPI Information Systems

By: A. J. Wasserstein January 25, 2021

When Ross Butler enrolled in the course Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (MGT671), he apparently misunderstood the final project’s requirements. Instead of choosing an industry and company to analyze and evaluate as a potential acquisition candidate, Butler actually acquired a...

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