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Preparation for India (International Experience)

In less than a month I am traveling to India. It is very exciting. Many of us going have never been to India (including me).

Last Sunday, our India trip met for a marathon meeting, and as reward, our professor invited us to his home for an Indian dinner. In our meeting, we each presented a topic on India to educate each other (such as private equity, infrastructure, India-US relations, and retail). The meeting was long. But, a picture of India has begun to take shape in my mind.

At 6PM when we stretched and looked outside, the first ice had come to New Haven. The banisters, the steps, the sidewalk, my car were all covered in a sheet of ice. Festively, we all car-pooled to get to my professor's house, and somewhat less festively I was glad that I had an ice-scraper to crack open my car. We caravan-ed up up Whitney Avenue at 10 mph, to our professor's home a mile away.

When we arrived, the samosas, lamb, and salmon were already roasting hot and ready for our tummies. Appropriately, we drank Kingfisher Beer (an Indian beer). Professor admitted he had to corner the New Haven market in Kingfisher beer for the party, buying all 2 cases available at the Stop N Shop.

Sadly, after the last mango ice cream dessert (and more sadly, I don't remember the Indian names for any of these dishes), it was time to go home and write my Competitor assignment. I bid farewell to my India friends and slowly skated the Civic home, happy and full of India-in-New-Haven experiences.