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Panel to Feature the Evolution of Healthcare in the U.S.

Data is sexy! Perhaps we can thank our friends in Silicon Valley for making data cool. Businesses and policymakers everywhere understand that learning from data has tremendous potential for improving our businesses and solving our societal problems. And it goes without saying that its impact on healthcare is a game changer!

February 17, 2014

The Yale Healthcare Ecosystem is comprised of students from Yale’s Graduate and Professional Schools of Management, Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, and Law, who come together to engage in cross-disciplinary discussions that explore healthcare matters.  

The Yale Healthcare Ecosystem, in collaboration with the Yale Health & Life Sciences Club, and the Yale Healthcare Life Sciences Case Competition,  is thrilled to bring together experts from across the Yale campus for a panel discussion on “The Evolution of Healthcare in the U.S.:  How Do We Use Data and Evidence to Build a System that Works?”  The panel discussion will focus on how we can apply data to improve our healthcare system.  The panel will be moderated by Yale School of Management Professor Richard Foster, and will bring together  several of Yale’s distinguished leaders on the topic, including Harlan Krumholz, Paul Taheri, Zack Cooper, and Sarah Constantin.

This event will take place on Friday, February 21, @ 6pm EST and will be available via livestream:  http://som.yale.edu/evolution-healthcare-us



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