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One Down Three To Go

Like the rest of my classmates I'm amazed at the fact we're a quarter of the way done with our MBA experience...Driving through the rain and snow storms today from New Haven to Pittsburgh, I found myself unintentionally recapping my classes with my boyfriend as we debated the current events and competitive landscape of the “Big Three”…It was as though he’d seen my final exam for competitor. We then moved on to Title IX where we discussed our respective collegiate athletic careers and how we foresaw the development of collegiate sports….Of course it didn’t end with just a debate, we we’re in fact utilizing backward induction in our arguments --- Ah, how I miss game theory! And of course let’s not forget customer…we thoroughly enjoyed extending my learnings of Starbucks' evolution through the 90’s juxtaposed against the company’s current state. It was during all these conversations that I realized just how much I’ve grown in these past few months…often without realizing the new lens with which I was beginning to look at the world….I’m looking forward to heading to Israel and Turkey for my international experience after break but before then I feel like I have quite a few hurdles to overcome; including, preparing for and surviving Super Week –when all of us bankers-to-be complete a week-long interview process which hopefully culminates with at least one job offer…Till then, I’ll be busy reviewing everything from the multitude of ways to value a company to how do you explain the CAPM to a 5 year old, which I must admit is the coolest story about a lollipop you’ll ever hear!