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My kinda town

No, it is not New Haven. :) I spent my spring break in Chicago and only now that I am back to New Haven I have the time to think about it. Beautiful weather - freezing temperatures, windy all the time and a snow storm to send me on my way last Saturday! So far so good - I remembered my college days, when after class I would wait for the Brown Line at the Jackson and Wabash station and the wind would go right through me in my windproof jacket. I saw the river turn green slightly before noon on May 15 and later that day I saw Emmit's pub turn green for the whole night - in fact all pubs (I guarantee for Richard's, which is right next to Emmit's but is open later) turned green - it was a very green night, with a bit of Guinness-colour for diversification purposes. On a different night I also tried "Rog's famous wings" (Rog's is located close to the intersection of Irving Park Rd and Des Plaines River Rd). Before I have often wondered why the menu read "Rog's famous wings", but this time there was no room for doubt - obviously these wings were famous for being the smallest and driest in all Chicagoland, but hey - it was fun discovering it. I should also mention that I had a Pequod's pizza in Morton Grove - amazing quality... Go there if you happen to be in town. My dog also had reasons to remember Spring break 2008 - it was the first time he saw deer - and many of them - from a very close distance. You know, these deer sometimes will stay calm and stare at you and not move out of your way - it has happened to me while jogging in a Forest Preserve in warmer times. Ziko (my dog's name) was very excited to meet them, but for some strange reason they did not appreciate the friendly barking of someone who just turned one. At this time last year there were two things I would have changed if I could - I wanted SOM to have an exchange programme with schools abroad and I wanted to have SOM moved to a Chicago suburb. The first one magically came true a month ago, the second one is still in the works - the new campus is not being built just yet, who knows... But just in case it doesn't happen - don't be disappointed. New Haven is not Prague either, but the town has its charms. A former SOMer told me that he only appreciated what New Haven had to offer after he left it. Today the sun was high up and I could feel spring - I sat outside in the courtyard while engaging in a negotiation for my (surprise) Negotiation class - and it was a good feeling. Soon I will play sports outside and I will stop taking our very own Yale shuttle bus and just walk to school at 8am... while my friends will still be freezing in Chicago.