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More Summer Fun in DC

Oh hello blog readers. Happy July, Happy Independence Day, and Happy 5 weeks to my internship at the United Way. Time really flies when you're doing stuff, working in an office, and having fun. First the serious business - my internship. I'm definitely still enjoying work, I love the culture of the place, and I feel very comfortable with the organization. Its always a good feeling when I know my joker antics are tolerated or even reciprocated at my place of work, and I am very happy that the United Way has hired a bunch of interns who share my sense of humor. As for my project itself, the scope of it has narrowed quite a bit, almost a little too much. I'm now almost exclusively focused on the marketing analysis of the courses offered by UWA, conducting a lot of interviews with CEOs and staff of local UW organizations, and combing through a lot of data to try to form insights about the learning opportunities run by my group. Some days feel a little slow but as far as I can tell my work will help shape the strategic planning of my group for the future, but I do question how much of an impact my work will have for the short term. I also feel a little more removed from the "community impact" aspect of the United Way, which makes me more interested in working for a local United Way organization on a full time basis. Still though, work is good and I definitely am enjoying my summer. On the social side, DC has proven to be a very entertaining city. Every weekend has been an adventure, exploring a different neighborhood, and eating good food. The interns at the United Way are also a pretty social group and I've enjoyed the group activities that we've all participated in. From hitting up the DC Zoo, to going hiking at Great Falls Park, to house parties that remind me of undergrad college days, I'm never bored and saddened that the summer is going by so quickly. I'll end this entry with a picture of the fireworks from the Mall on July 4th, and a mega collage from house parties, my visit to the zoo, our United Way day of volunteering on Capitol Hill, assorted pics in Georgetown, and images from the hike in Great Falls. Fireworks on the Mall

Mega Collage of DC Adventures