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Meet EMBA Admissions Coordinator Cassidy Rhodes

October 6, 2016

It is impossible to be on the Yale campus without feeling inspired by its history and excited about what a journey here might look like.

I know the first time I visited Yale from my home in Dallas, Texas, I was awestruck by the drive for knowledge and the promise of growth I sensed in the students and faculty, as well as the people of New Haven. I recognized immediately that Yale students are not seeking an education merely for personal gain, but are instead sincerely interested in using the thoughts and ideas cultivated in their studies to change the world.

I am honored to join the MBA for Executives admissions team and to get the chance to work with these types of students every day.

When I look at the EMBA candidates, I feel the same inspiration I felt when I visited Yale for the first time. These established professionals have every opportunity (and probably every right) to settle into their professions and find contentment in their existing situations. But I see a selfless drive in each of them to better themselves in order to best serve their organizations. Passion for their work and enthusiasm for improvement, both for themselves and for the organizations to which their ideas are applied, is evident and contagious in every EMBA student.

I arrived in New Haven when my husband started his journey at Yale in September as a candidate for a master’s degree in public health. I remember his anticipation as he applied last winter and his elation at his acceptance notice in the spring, and I am privileged now to watch as he is inspired, enlightened, and pushed to new limits every day.

I am thrilled to be in a position to work with EMBA candidates and assist in their application process to hopefully create a similar experience, and honored that I get to spend each day inspired by the types of students for whom the EMBA is designed.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do assist you in your journey to (and through) the Yale MBA for Executives program.

Cassidy Rhodes
Admissions Coordinator, Executive MBA and Global Programs

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Cassidy Rhodes

Assistant Director, CELI