Meet Associate Director of Admissions Maria Stutsman y Marquez

November 10, 2016

The best decisions come from choosing the path that is most aligned with your individual values, and this is why I have chosen to join the community at Yale University and the team within the MBA for Executives program at the Yale School of Management. It is inspirational to be in the company of intentional, considerate, and creative individuals who are passionate about their roles and their impact on others.

It has been a delight to receive a warm welcome to the Yale and New Haven community. I am quickly learning that such welcomes are the norm, and it makes for an easy transition from New Mexico. While I’m certain to crave green chile, thankfully there are a few local spots to get my fix and, hopefully, there will be some small shipments from the homeland. Enchiladas, anyone?!

As I become acquainted with the nuanced program details, I’m quickly recognizing that the distinctively tailored experience is at the cornerstone of the admissions process. Inviting prospective students to engage in a conversation regarding career evolution, meeting for one-to-one consultations, and hosting opportunities for candidates to learn about the program are all a part of building a personalized experience that honors and welcomes broad perspectives.

In my first week, this celebration of unique perspectives was evident at the EMBA sponsored Women’s Leadership Symposium. Candidates heard from several of the World Fellows regarding their personal journey through leadership. As both an observer and a participant, it was inspiring to hear from incredibly talented and mission-driven leaders whose ideas and actions create positive change on a global scale. I also had the chance to participate in a body language and expression workshop led by Professor Grace Zandarski that provided playful fun while fostering body movement awareness. After this event, I was keenly aware of the rich experiences offered to candidates, current students, and alumni that allow for further professional and personal growth—truly transformational growth.

Every day, I become more aware of the exceptional character of teammates, leaders, candidates, students, and alumni. It is a blessing to work in an environment where values are completely aligned and creating the best path for students is inherent in the mission. My goal is to serve as a catalyst in support of our candidates, students, team, and organization so that movement toward the highest aspirations, expansions, and evolutions is possible. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. Not only is this the right path; it is the best one.

As you learn more about the program, please let me know how I can best support you through this process.

Maria Stutsman y Marquez
Associate Director of Admissions


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Maria Stutsman y Marquez

Associate Director of Admissions