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Like MJ In His Early Days

Wow this post has been a long time coming as I haven't really had any updates since the end of last year even though there has been a lot to talk about. Tonight is actually one of the freer nights that I've had since we've been back. I didn't think that "Senior Year" was supposed to be so busy. Well I finally had knee surgery during the end of August, getting a full reconstruction of my right ACL. I am 10 weeks post-surgery and am feeling really fantastic (almost too fantastic). I am in rehab twice a week and my strength is finally starting to come back. I have been off of crutches for about 2 weeks now which is nice, they were starting to really cramp my style. At the end of my 8th week on the crutches I was ready to play javelin with them. The job search for a full-time position is in full effect at this point. Everything is going pretty well, I have a final round interview for a fixed income trading position in a few weeks and am waiting to hear about a final round interview for an energy trading position that I interviewed for today. It's really weird how the whole career search thing works out. Fifteen months ago I was mixing chemicals as part of my job as an analytical chemist at Merck and now I'm interviewing for trading jobs with a large bank and a private company. But if you find something that you are have a real interest in and you can demonstrate that interest in an interview, you most likely can find your way into that job function. I definitely couldn't have gotten as far as I have in this whole interview process without some of my classmates here at SOM who have been EXTREMELY supportive and have given me multiple mock interviews. Two of my classmates who are in the Sales and Trading Club (and who have full-time trading offers) grilled me in the days leading up to my first round interview for fixed income and then two of my buddies from "The Warren Buffet 4" gave me a 2-on-1 interview that lasted for about an hour. I know those 2 were obviously in it to help me out, but I swear they got some sort of enjoyment in seeing me squirm for an hour in a suit on a Saturday afternoon. But I will say I was about 1,000x more confident going into my interview than I would have been without the prep. I am hoping to get a job as a trader because as MJ (Michael Jordan) in his early (and late) days, I'm a pretty competitive person and I think that career path would jive with that. This year I have also become more involved in Student Government because as the 2nd year class we are in charge of the whole thing. It's a heck of a lot different when you actually have to take the lead in planning events than when you are just "assisting" in the planning of those events. Also "The Warren Buffet 4" is finally starting to get back into full swing. We had our first meeting last week, got some investing/trading ideas out on the table and we are hoping to generate some more trading ideas throughout the rest of the year. Other than that as a 2nd year I had fall break last week. It wasn't really a break as I was preparing for my interview today and working on a project for a class that was due last Saturday. But it wasn't all work. We did have some fun, managing to plan an activity every day last week, which culminated with a Halloween Party on Saturday night. A good time was had by all.