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Introducing VConnectSOM: a New Opportunity for Portfolio Organizations

Introducing VConnectSOM: a New Opportunity for Portfolio Organizations With Diverse Recruiting Needs to Connect with Yale School of Management Students.

If there is need throughout your portfolio to recruit graduate business school students, the Yale SOM Career Development Office is happy to organize a VConnectSOM event for you. While the exact format of the event will flex given your needs, the intent of VConnectSOM remains the same: to create easy and impactful connections between hiring organizations and Yale SOM students.

Format possibilities include:

• A panel of representatives from your hiring organizations fielding questions about their organization and their impactful roles

• Small group breakout sessions to highlight each organization, with students rotating through the sessions

• “Speed dating” to foster efficient 1:1 connections between organizations and students

• A virtual career fair, with organizations hosting “tables” and students mingling amongst the tables

 Employers participating in VConnectSOM benefit by:

• Connecting with exceptional students with diverse talent profiles

• Promoting their organization and available job opportunities

• Cultivating a long-term recruiting brand and relationship with Yale SOM

• Enjoying a valuable and fun event

 VConnectSOM is open to all Yale SOM students, including early career MMS, MBA, and EMBA

1st Year MBA students seeking summer internships

2nd Year MBA students seeking full-time roles after graduation

Master of Advanced Management (MAM) post-MBA students seeking full-time roles after graduation

Master of Management Studies in Global Business and Society (MMS-GBS) early career students seeking full-time roles after graduation

Master of Management Studies in Asset Management (MMS-AM) early career students seeking school year or summer 2021 internships

EMBA students (experienced professionals) seeking full-time roles (available currently and after graduation)

Interested? The next step is simply to reach out to me and we will schedule a call to customize a VConnectSOM for your needs.  

 All the best,

Rebecca Stekloff

Deputy Director, Employer Partnerships

Yale School of Management Career Development Office