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Into the Muck

We are back in school for Spring Semester, and I have had four days of classes. Day 1 was exciting - I could hardly sleep the night before. It was so great to see everyone and ask "how was your trip? where did you go?" and hear about who threw up on the bus (always the most fascinating gossip). Day 2 I had done some homework, and was starting to feel busy. Day 3 I realized that I had already whiffed on several obligations and was beginning to feel the crunch: I woke up early to do my homework for Operations Engine, and ended my day at 3am doing recruiting work. By Day 4 I was into the muck. Tired to the point where caffeine has lost its zing, after a long day I drove my friend to the gym just to debrief on the ups and downs of the week. I feel like this term is taking shape into a curriculum that reflects why I came to SOM. I am taking electives in design and marketing/branding, which are simply in my wheelhouse. Our core courses - the Employee, the Innovator, State & Society, and Operations Engine - all really fascinate me, particularly since we each have real experiences to draw on from our international trips. It will be a busy quarter. This time, however, I feel a bit more braced for the wave. For now, I'm heading to the Country Clubbin' Party to let out my inner prepster... I have to go find my animal-icon ribbon belt.