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Julia Frederick

Internship Spotlight Podcast: Julia Frederick ’21, North Carolina Dept of Health and Human Services

This episode is part of a special mini-series of “Career Conversations” focused on MBA summer internships. We asked rising second-year MBA students to check in from their summer internships, where they are applying the lessons of their first year at Yale SOM.

Julia Frederick ’21 is a joint-degree student at the Yale School of Management and Yale School of Public Health and is the SOM student government president. This summer she is interning with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Before SOM, she worked in government and politics, most recently for Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Julia Frederick ’21

Internship: North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Hometown: Brookline, Massachusetts
Clubs and affiliations: Student Government, Social Impact Consulting Club, Healthcare Conference
Favorite Yale SOM Class: The Global Macroeconomy with Lorenzo Caliendo
Favorite New Haven eatery: One 6 Three
Favorite Professor: Lorenzo Caliendo
Favorite Yale SOM community event: Tight ’n’ Bright
Bonus facts: Current SOM Student Government president and a joint-degree student in the two-year accelerated program with the Yale School of Public Health