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Danny Hurvitz

Internship Spotlight Podcast: Danny Hurvitz ’21, McKinsey & Company

This episode is part of a special mini-series of “Career Conversations” focused on MBA summer internships. We asked rising second-year MBA students to check in from their summer internships, where they are applying the lessons of their first year at Yale SOM.

Danny Hurvitz ’21 is an intern at McKinsey & Company this summer. They discuss what it’s like to recruit for consulting at SOM (65 case interviews!); their summer projects at the firm, which focused on optimization strategy; and the importance of inclusivity and representation for LGBTQIA+ individuals in business school and corporate settings.

Listen to the podcast:

Danny Hurvitz ’21

Danny Hurvitz '21
Displaying the Michigan flag (see Bonus Fact!)

Internship: McKinsey & Company
Pronouns: They/them/theirs
Hometown: Metro-Detroit, Michigan
Clubs and affiliations: Out of Office, Consulting Club, Consortium
Favorite Yale SOM Class: Education Policy
Favorite New Haven eatery: Pho Thai
Favorite Professor: Heidi Brooks—she handed me an “exuberant, enthusiastic, energetic, and effusive” card during a class identity activity, and I felt seen.
Favorite Yale SOM community event: Star Search—I got to perform “Love is an Open Door” with Grace Liu Happ.
Bonus fact: Have taught and remembered the names of nearly 300 students and have their autographs collected on a Michigan flag (one of them begrudgingly took the attached photo.)

This summer I interned as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company. While there, I was able to sharpen my analytic and presentation skills through incredible mentorship and a great engagement. SOM prepared me to think critically and attack a problem with a variety of frameworks; my internship gave me the tools to perform deeper analyses and implement solutions.

I worked in retail, supporting a grocery client in merchandise strategy. The experience was entirely different from my education background. While a few of the key tenants from my previous job remained the same (e.g., solutions-first thinking, data analysis, relationship building), much of my day to day was different from my time in the classroom. I spent a lot of my summer learning new terms (AUR, SKU) and then digging into and analyzing the data surrounding these terms to support my recommendations. 

Despite COVID-19, McKinsey’s mentorship remained pivotal to the internship experience. My workstream was initially aligned to a fantastic colleague who was willing to spend the extra time (hours, some weeks) to teach me norms, Excel, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, I was able to network with McKinsey’s LGBTQ+ community frequently through groupme and the Midwest community. There were several intern virtual networking opportunities as well. Cocktail fixings (syrups, fruits, alcohol) would be delivered to my door or a chef would be hired to cook a meal alongside of us on Zoom.

I was surprised at how quickly McKinsey put me at the helm. I was involved in client meetings and work from the first day. I began working on slides that were presented to the CEO, offering my thoughts on strategy, and working to ensure clients felt prepared for their presentations. During the second half of my internship I steered my own workstream including client meetings, analyses, and slide creation. I learned far more about eggs than I ever thought I would.

Surprisingly, COVID-19 did not alter the tasks that I was completing. I was still working the notoriously long hours consultants work, just from the comfort of my home. It did mean wearing shorts (every day) and being barefoot (every day).


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