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First day on the job at Spotify

Internship Spotlight: Angie Wei ’20

What did you do this past summer? We asked rising second-year MBA students to check in from their summer internships, where they applied the lessons of their first year at Yale SOM.

Angie Wei ’20

Internship: Spotify, New York City

Hometown: Fremont, California
Favorite Yale SOM class: Competitor with Judy Chevalier
Clubs and affiliations: Tech Club, Design + Innovation Club
Favorite New Haven eatery: Da Legna 
Favorite Yale SOM community event: Fall break 2018 Mexico City class trip

My summer project at Spotify consisted of two functions:

1) Pricing Segmentation: Developing a pricing segmentation strategy for Spotify’s advertising business in the UK market that will maximize both value capture for Spotify and the value that is communicated to the market.  This includes an analysis of Spotify’s historical pricing strategy, current pricing strategy, and positioning within the competitive landscape while taking into consideration factors such as price sensitivity, reference price, and buying habits/expectations/psychology for different customer types.  

2) Podcast Promotion: Identifying and creating a commercialization roadmap for Spotify’s opportunity within the podcast promotion space.  This begins with conducting a “state of the market” analysis that lays the foundation for understanding Spotify’s opportunity, then creating a holistic go-to-market proposal for how Spotify can action on it.

The people here at  Spotify are really incredible at making themselves available for intro one-on-ones and coffee chats, so I’ve had a lot of opportunities to meet people at all levels throughout the organization.  I’ve also had the opportunity to meet a lot of other great MBA interns from a variety of schools, which has also been a huge benefit of my time here. 

Getting to be around some of the smartest, most interesting people that all share a similar passion for music has been a highlight of this internship.   I’ve been blown away by my experience this summer and am beyond grateful for everything I’ve learned and  all of the incredible people I’ve met.