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Internship Fund Auction-April 16!

The Internship Fund has got to be one of the hardest working collection of students you can imagine. One of the few completely first year-run organizations (FFT is another one), the Internship Fund, as I have mentioned before, is responsible for raising all of the money to subsidize non-profit and public sector internships. The Auction, which is charged with raising a large percentage of these funds, is happening this Thursday, April 16. This year's theme, SOMonopoly, is providing some pretty amazing decoration opportunities throughout the school. Students, alumni, professors, community members, staff and more have donated incredible objects and experiences to be auctioned off. A pub crawl with all of the Organizational Behavior professors? DREAM. COME. TRUE. We have already started pooling together for this one. Click here to see some of the other amazing auction items. Oh yeah, and did I mention the creative team behind the Internship Fund marketing have made a VERY important Public Service Announcement? Click the link below to learn more. Internship Fund Auction Public Service Announcement Here's a pretty fun video for your enjoyment: Internship Fund Auction: BE THERE