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Internship Fund 2015

This week is fundraising week for the Class of 2016 Internship Fund, which provides financial support to students who pursue summer internships in the public or nonprofit sector between their first and second years of study. Since the inception of the Fund in 1979, approximately 10% of each class has received funding.

Roshin Unnikrishnan ’16, Internship Fund Co-Chair:

“Growing up in India, where any kind of financial support is hard to come by, I was constantly surrounded by countless examples of students who had to give up their dreams mid-way through school due to financial difficulties. This made me even more thankful to the selfless support I received at different stages in my life, without which I wouldn’t have been able to finish my education in India and to be at this eminent institution. The very presence of the Internship Fund, where the student community comes together to support each other in realizing their dreams and passions, was a big draw for me to come to Yale SOM. And being a part of this effort in a country that is completely new to me has been the best experience of my life so far.” 

Photo: [from left to right] Anvesh Shah (finance chair),
Andrea Mak (student fundraising committee),
Andres Palacios Domenge (student fundraising committee),
Roshin Unnikrishnan (co-chair), Emika Abe (co-chair)