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I'm (half) done!

Many of my classmates are jetting off to warmer climes as I type this: Miami, Puerto Vallarta, Antigua, Colombia and Venezuela (where tensions seem to be easing, luckily). Me, I'm off in a few days to not-quite-tropical Washington, DC before coming back to spend the final week of spring break in good ol' New Haven. But I did so much flying before, during, and after the international experience that I can't imagine a better plan for the next two weeks. I'm also dying to try Caseus, the new bistro/cheese shop that moved in just down the street. But I'm not on spring break quite yet. Oh, yeah. I have to keep reminding myself this afternoon that I'm only half done. Whereas for previous rounds of exams we had all in-class finals, this time we have two take-home essay finals due next week. As always, take-home finals are a blessing and a curse. I'll get to them tomorrow, but tonight, I'm going to chill with some friends, a TV, a pan of lasagna, and a bottle of wine.