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March 25, 2007

My name is Brian and I am a first year here at Yale. A little about me: I grew up right down the road from Yale, in Trumbull, CT, but spent the last 10 years in the greater Philadelphia area. I am a proud alum of Villanova (GO CATS!!) and worked at Merck for 6 years before coming to Yale. I was an analytical chemist working in the pre-clinical development area. It was a good learning experience and it definitely allows me to bring something different to class discussions since I am the only practicing scientist in my cohort. My two passions in life are sports (playing, coaching, watching, fantasying--see if I can't get that one into Webster's Dictionary) and investing. Now if I can only find a career that combines the two, I'll be all set. That will be kinda tough, although a General Manager of a sports franchise might fit the bill. So Mark Cuban if you are out there Googling your name, I'm willing to move to Dallas and I think I can figure out a way to get the Celtics to trade you their pick in the 2007 Draft. Well, today is the last official day of spring break; tomorrow we start the second half of the second semester. It should be a pretty chill 7 weeks as I only have 3 classes, which is great. It will give me a chance to catch up on some investment research that I have been neglecting for the past 6 months. The market has just been insane over the past month and I'd like to put myself in the position to take advantage of people needlessly freaking out and dumping high-quality companies. I am part of an investment management club here (we call ourselves "The Warren Buffett 4") that myself and 3 other classmates started. We meet once a week and talk about investing and companies we like and dislike. I've definitely learned a lot and hope to be able to contribute a few more good ideas over the next few weeks and stay away from making "Burrito Plays," which is our name for a pick that will barely leave you enough money to buy a burrito from the lunch carts outside SOM (if you come to SOM for a visit I highly recommend the burrito cart that is located on Prospect Street; if I could buy stock in those guys I would). Well that is all for now, gonna try to do a little work before the Florida-Oregon and Georgetown-UNC games start.

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