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Hello from Cairo

Hello there. Like many of the second years, I am enjoying my last spring break. I would have posted earlier, but I just figured how to post using my iPhone. For us second years, most of us had either papers, projects, or full semester classes, leaving us a full two weeks for travel. Consequently, as Lydia and Georgi were going through exams, Patrick and I were probably already in Egypt. It's hard to believe that after the end of this break we'll only have six weeks left together. It's been a great journey and we are all looking forward to beginning our lives anew as bankers, marketers, etc., but another part of me wouldn't mind spending another year as a student. It's been a great time and it's a shame to see it come to an end. To the first years and incoming students, make the most of your time here, of wherever else you may be going. Business school is a time when you get tons of opportunity to try new things and have new experiences (like go to Egypt). Take advantage of it!