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Happy Halloween!

It's been a while since my last post. You could say that even if you do have your job situation figured out there are still plenty of ways to keep yourself busy here at SOM. Surprisingly, most of my time is probably spent working on things that aren't directly related to class - a sharp contrast to last year when we spent almost all our time on coursework and attending corporate presentations. So what's been keeping me busy? Everything else. As a second year, I've found that we really do a lot at this school, especially if you choose to take on the various responsibilities/opportunities that present themselves. This week I've been spending a lot of time on Student Government responsibilities - talking to various faculty and staff about our curriculum, our elective offerings, as well as the Leadership Development Program. Other weeks I have found myself helping people prepare for interviews, doing my role as a Second Year Advisor (for the Leadership Development Program), or doing club-related activities. That said, I do have to admit that I've also made it more of a priority to work out and be a bit more active. I'm going to the gym a bit more regularly now (although it's still at roughly once every two weeks), and I'm playing ultimate once a week. It's actually a lot of fun since there's a great mix of people who show up to play ultimate. There are usually a few SOM students, a few Forestry students (from the School of Forestry and Environmental Science), and a few people from other programs or people not even affiliated with Yale. Last weekend was particularly neat because Professor Keith Chen made a cameo appearance and put on a pretty good show. Hopefully it'll be another good turnout this weekend. My schedule for the week: