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Getting Connected at UCD #GNW2013

As a part of the Global Network for Advanced Management, a cohort of 25 graduate students from Yale SOM, UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School, Fudan University School of Management, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, IE Business School and EGADE Business School met in Dublin, Ireland. With a mission of partnering students from leading business institutions across the globe, the Global consortium provides a platform for networking and gives students unique experiences outside of their traditional MBA curriculums. Our goal for the immersion program was to both understand and devise strategies in the expanding digital marketplace.

October 23, 2013

With the European headquarters for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Dublin now harbors many of the creative minds in the industry of digital marketing.  UCD Smurfit and Professor Laurent Muzellec have successfully aligned with many of these companies providing a unique mix of academic study, private sector collaboration and industry visits. 

     Welcome to Dublin

The coursework entailed a mix of case studies and experimentation with most current analytic tools in the digital marketing space.  The faculty at UCD offered unique insights related to the era of big data and covered a variety of interesting topics.  As an added bonus, executives from local tech companies like CONNECT 360, Ezetop and Communicorp willingly offered their stories, including their wins and losses with social marketing.  In my opinion, the capstone of the week was our access and experiences at the European headquarters of Facebook, Google and Hubspot.

Connect 360 CEO Conor Lynch offers some advice    


Reflecting on the program after the jetlag, I am even more impressed with the sheer magnitude and execution that the faculty and staff UCD Smurfit were able to pull off.  I learned the most speaking with other students from schools across the globe as we derived our strategy for a digital media company that was to be presented to their CEO on the final day of the course.  At Yale, we often learn to “change our framework” when faced with a problem, which is more difficult than it seems.   Every member of my team offered a unique insight or had a unique experience that they were willing to share that added value to the project. Once these ideas were vetted with the teams, the mobilization and execution of a market plan and strategy was impressive.  In a time when MBA degrees become more popular, one’s ability to reach beyond core business competencies and extend their reach to global networks will be more important than ever.  These new relationships between leading business schools make those connections possible.

“Studying” the success of John Gilroy’s marketing campaign for Guinness   


I want to thank all the willing participants at schools across the globe that made #GNW2013 a success.  I look forward to collaborating with my new classmates and digital marketing experts in Dublin in the future.


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