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Gambling For A Living and Bowling With J-Pod

May 4, 2007

This week was the 2nd to last week of school at SOM and things are still not slowing down. On Tuesday we were fortunate enough to have Gary Loveman, the Chairman, President and CEO of Harrah’s Entertainment, the gaming entity that is being taken private by TPG and the Apollo Group. I may be a little biased since the gaming industry intrigues me, but I thought he was a fantastic speaker and I really enjoyed the thoughts he shared with us on the gaming industry and the public-to-private transition that his company is just completing. Every person that I talked to that attended Dr. Loveman’s (he was a professor at Harvard before his Harrah’s days) talk thought it was one of, if not, the best talks that we have had all year as part of our Leader’s Forum here at SOM. I definitely look forward to more of these next year and as a member of Student Government I hope to help identify speakers that SOM would like to hear from. Last night as part of our Student Government year-end wrap-up we went bowling with the Dean of our business school, Joel Podolny (or J-Pod, as we like to call him). It was pretty cool to go bowling with the Dean as I’d venture that there aren’t too many Deans who would hang out with students and eat some good, greasy food while bowling it up. And for those of you who were thinking of hustling the Dean for tuition money on the lanes, think twice, J-Pod can hold his own at the bowling alley. He puts some serious velocity on the ball and pretty much has his radar locked on the pocket. I think everybody had a good time, there was a bit of good-natured trash talkin’ and competition between some of the first and second years which made for a ruckus end to the festivities.

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