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Fun and Games (and Work) Update

  • Final Strategic Across Sectors Exam (Felt like an HR case, 9 pages, 2.5 hours... DONE)

  • Final Behavioral Perspectives on Management Paper (8 pages, wrote about the H1-B immigration policy and how flawed it is... DONE)

  • Final Managing Organizational Politics paper (10 pages, wrote about the American Red Cross, tried to give recommendations to the new CEO, feel like the situation is pretty hopeless though... DONE)

  • Trip to Boston to tour the Sam Adams brewery and catch a baseball game at Fenway Park (Enjoyed almost 2 pints of beer for free at Sam Adams, had clam chowder and hotdogs at Fenway... DONE)

  • Trip to NYC to watch a live taping of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (John McCain(!) was the guest, developed a bit of a man-crush on Jon Stewart, enjoyed Korean food in K-Town in NYC after... DONE)

  • An evening of bowling with the Dean of Yale SOM, one of the prizes I won at the Internship Fund this year (Feel quite proud to have narrowly defeated the Dean, ... first year participant destroyed us all though with an average score over 155..... DONE)

  • Weekend trip to Cleveland to catch a Jays vs Indians baseball game, eat Chinese food, and a visit to Cedar Point, a good old fashioned amusement park (Didn't make it to the amusement park on account of the rain, Jays got completely destroyed but Cleveland was a great trip, lots of fantastic Chinese food, played frisbee, more bowling.... DONE)

Still to Come

  • Serious appointments to find an apartment in New York City (tomorrow)

  • Wine tasting with the marketing professors (tomorrow evening)

  • Big end-of-year birthday bash for 2 of my good friends at Hula Hanks, one of my favorite cheesy but fun clubs in New Haven (evening of May 14th)

  • Class trip to Hollywood Florida at the Hard Rock Cafe (May 16th - May 19th)

Graduation in exactly 2 weeks. Social calendar remains packed. I am in denial and don't want to think too much about what the end of my MBA really means. Pictures from social activities over the past week and a half below in collage form as always.