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From the Director of Community & Inclusion: Having the Challenging Conversation

Yale School of Management is a purposefully diverse community. Our 40% female population, citizenship representation from 47 countries, and active and engaged social identity groups (such as the Out of Office LGBTQ club, the Black Business Alliance, and many others) are observable indicators of the diverse backgrounds of the Yale SOM MBA student body.

But here at Yale SOM the spirit of inclusive community moves beyond these quantifiable measures. Distinct from other MBA programs, we put the diversity of our student body into action by engaging in difficult conversations that draw from the variety of perspectives found in our community. One forum through which we engage open expression is our quarterly Liaison: Community Dialogue. Liaison is an opportunity for all members of the Yale SOM community to come together, express curiosity, and experience challenging debate on topics of relevance to future leaders.

There are many opportunities in the classroom, in learning teams, in clubs, and through other community dialogues for individual members of the community to grow and push themselves beyond the boundaries of what has previously been comfortable. We rely on our diverse and inquisitive student body to identify and make the most of those opportunities. We believe that engaging with others who hold different perspectives is essential to developing an elevated style of leadership. This is an invaluable skill that Yale SOM students will often put into practice as they navigate a career that may span different sectors of business and regions of the world.

Yale SOM is a place in which an individual can make a positive difference on the community culture. The passion, curiosity, and support among the SOM student body is palpable. I look forward to meeting many of you this summer and fall in your home cities and on campus, and hearing how you will contribute to our diverse and dynamic environment in the future.


Tiffany D. Gooden
Director, Community & Inclusion