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From the Director of Admissions: Only at Yale

I call them “Only at Yale” moments. They happen seemingly every week, and they reinforce–to me, at least–what makes Yale such a special place.

One of them happened recently as I was leaving school at the end of the day. As I was exiting Evans Hall, I opened a door and walking past me the other way was former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, followed by several security guards. “Hello, Mr. Kissinger,” I said as I walked by. He smiled, nodded and kept walking.

That kind of experience is not uncommon here at SOM. Mr. Kissinger had just given a talk to the Yale community when I ran into him (almost literally). A few days later, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, author of The World Is Flat, was on campus to speak with SOM students and faculty, as well as students from other Global Network for Advanced Management schools, about the ways globalization and technology are changing the business world. Whenever I walk through Evans Hall, I find a panel or conference on topics such as healthcare innovation, the business of international sports, clean tech investing, economic development, or how to get ahead in hedge funds.

These are experiences that have always happened at SOM. After spending a little more than three months in Evans Hall, however, I’m coming to appreciate more and more how the building enhances critical aspects of the SOM experience. The entire building is set around an expansive, glass-enclosed courtyard, so that almost wherever you are, you can see students walking to and from class, meeting in the student commons, and studying in the library and other common spaces. The building has become a focal point for activity not just at SOM but across Yale, making these events not only more apparent but in many ways more frequent because events that used to happen elsewhere at Yale are now taking place at SOM. All of this increases the opportunities for those “Only at Yale” moments, the chance to rub shoulders with a world leader, investment bank CEO, or nonprofit head.

As you think about joining our community and creating your own “Only at Yale” moments, I would note that our final application deadline is April 24 for those of you looking to begin school this coming fall. There is still time between now and then to finalize your essays, remind your recommenders to submit their recommendation, and put the other finishing touches on your application. If you are not planning to apply until next application season, we are hosting a webinar on April 29 where you can learn more about the School and what makes it distinct among top business schools.

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