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From the Director of Admissions: How to Make Progress on Your Application During the Holidays

Things are getting quiet around Evans Hall these days. Full-time MBA, MAM, and MMS students are occupying nearly every available classroom, conference room, and seat in the building, studying for finals. On our side, the MBA for Executives team is prepping for the final class weekend of 2018 and getting our party clothes out of the closet for our annual holiday soirée on Friday night.

Of course, we’re also looking forward to a long break as Yale University closes down starting on December 21. While we hope you will also get a restful break at the end of the year—and that you’ll spend most of your time off relaxing, eating, and spending time with family and friends—this is also a perfect time to keep working (or get started!) on your Round 2 application for the Yale SOM MBA for Executives program. The deadline is January 29, 2019.

The time off from work is a great opportunity to do some deep reflection about your career, your goals, and your next steps toward leadership in your organization or industry, and how the MBA for Executives fits into that plan. More practically speaking, if you’ve decided an application is in your near future (and since it’s the perfect time of year for a list!), I offer up some suggestions of things you can work on in preparation for a Round 2 application:

  • Get familiar with the MBA for Executives application. Most of our application is easy and straightforward, but if you haven’t already, start an application and begin to click through the various elements of what’s required for submission. You don’t have to actually submit anything, but knowing what’s expected will help you formulate a plan for the coming weeks.
  • Reach out to your recommenders. Use this time to draft an email to your two recommenders, with deadline dates, a copy of your résumé, and a proposed time to sit down to talk through your accomplishments. Send before the office clears out for the holidays, or save it in your Drafts folder and write a reminder to send it out when everyone returns from the New Year’s holiday.
  • Talk to your team/supervisors. While the official employer approval is required a little later in the process, this is a great time to formulate some talking points for your leadership and your team about how they can support you through a potential 22-month EMBA journey. Put together a game plan for coverage on days you’d be in school, create bullet points for the value of the degree to your employer and team, and, if it’s available in your company, look into sponsorship opportunities.
  • Draft your essays. Start framing your ideas and create an outline that includes thoughts on how to answer each essay (there are two for Yale SOM), and how to answer each element of both essays. This prep will go a long way toward creating a final version later on.
  • Prep for the Executive Assessment (EA). Haven’t taken a required standardized test yet? Get on the GMAC website to find out more about the EA, and watch our recent webinar, featuring yours truly and a staff member from GMAC. Yale SOM also accepts the GMAT and the GRE.
  • Speaking of webinars… Watch our other webinars. Not only are they just as entertaining as anything playing on Netflix or in your local movie theater, but they also provide great info on topics like application tips, financial aid, and the Yale EMBA in healthcare. Each webinar includes a Q&A, so pop some corn and stick around until the end of each one.
  • Read our blog. We have a series of terrific blog posts written by staff and students. Need more info on the EA? Read Assistant Director of Admissions David Daniel’s post on the topic from back in October. Want to learn more about EMBA Global Network Week? Check out Class of 2019 student Frank Ciminiello’s post on his trip to Ghana last June.
  • RSVP for a Saturday information session. There’s only one left in January before our Round 2 deadline! RSVP online to join us in person; you’ll hear from admissions staff, eat lunch with our students, and sit in on a class.

Yale SOM’s MBA for Executives team wishes you and yours the very best for a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy start to 2019. We’ll be back in January and look forward to connecting with you then.

Best wishes,

Director of Admissions
MBA for Executives

Joanne Legler
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Joanne Legler

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