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From the City by the Bay

Only 50 some odd days since graduating from Yale SOM, linear optimization problems in spreadsheet modeling already seem like a distant memory. In the interim, many of us in the Class of 2014 have bid good-bye to New Haven, settled into new homes and even started work. A whole new chapter has begun.

New chapter notwithstanding, however, some things remain the same, regardless of distance—such as engaging with SOM’s awesome community, for instance. Whether I am relishing a rare Krispy Kreme donut while visiting an SOM intern in Kentucky, reviewing a press release for a classmate’s startup or checking in on this summer’s crop of SOM interns at Google, I find that SOM continues to be a common thread in my day-to-day.

In fact, in two weekends, my classmates and I will be reprising the admissions social that we first hosted at Tout Sweet Patisserie last summer. If you will be in San Francisco then, please feel free to join us by signing up here; I have a feeling that this may become one of my new favorite traditions.