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From the Assistant Dean for Admissions: What Happens After You Hit ‘Submit’

Bruce DelMonico shines a light behind the scenes as the Admissions Committee reviews candidates’ submitted applications.

October 3, 2019

Applying to MBA programs can be a daunting process. Many of you have spent a great deal of time learning about the school, and you’ve likely invested even more time trying to understand the application process and how best to present your candidacy. But you might feel less familiar with what happens once you’ve hit “Submit” after months of reflecting, refining, and re-working each component of your application to make it the most accurate representation of yourself, your accomplishments, and your aspirations. I want to remove any sense of mystery about what happens to your application once the application is, so to speak, out of your hands.

I would start by noting that we put a lot of thought into how our application is constructed. Our guiding principle is only to ask questions that are relevant to evaluating an applicant’s candidacy, and this allows you to focus your efforts on what the committee is looking to learn about you. You can read more about the philosophy behind our approach here.

I would also note that we work hard to get the fullest picture of you possible—this is why you may feel like it is a long few months from the time you submit your application to when decisions are released in December. Our goal is to get to know the whole person in reviewing applications and not just rely on metrics like grades and test scores. We also want to move beyond written applications to include different media (such as video) and different modes of evaluation (such as the behavioral assessment) in an effort to broaden what we’re learning about you.

We worked hard to create an application process that is fairer, more consistent, more accessible, and open to a more diverse set of applicants. And this continues after you hit submit. Your application will be reviewed by at least two members of the Admissions Committee, and some applications will be discussed in committee on more than one occasion. We bring applications to committee multiple times as another effort to reduce bias in the process and ensure that our decisions are based on the merits of the candidacy and not such transient things as when the applicant came to committee, what mood we were in, and what candidate was discussed immediately beforehand.

This careful review process means that interview invitations may come at any point throughout the round up until our Round 1 decision release date, December 4, 2019. We have started to send out interview invitations, but there are many more yet to come. And even though an applicant cannot be admitted without completing an interview, not receiving an invitation to interview now does not necessarily mean you will not ultimately be interviewed—and perhaps admitted—at some point in the application season.

No matter what the outcome, please know that we appreciate the opportunity to get to know you through this process and look forward to continuing to do so as we craft the Yale SOM Class of 2022.

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