From Associate Director of Admissions: When Is the Best Time to Apply for the MBA for Executives Program?

March 10, 2017

It is always rewarding to meet with candidates through the profile review process and one-to-one consultations, because it opens a dialogue about when to embark on an executive MBA and  the potential impact of such a program.

When making an investment that goes beyond finances and involves increased travel, effort, and commitment, you also need to evaluate how it will influence your time, energy, and relationships. In my experience, answering a few questions during the decision-making process can help you gain more clarity, determine your readiness, and develop a timeline.

You might ask yourself: On a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is fully committed, how committed am I to starting an MBA within the year? If you are fully committed and ready to take action, you will want to connect with Admissions and begin the application. If you have assigned yourself a number lower than 10, ask yourself what information, resources, and conversations you need in order to move closer to full commitment. Then, take action toward those next steps.

Current students tell me that they determined their readiness based on a variety of factors. One student wrestled with whether to pause her career and attend a full-time program, or maintain the momentum in her current role and add a significant amount of additional work to an already full plate.  In the end, she chose career acceleration, and accepted the additional time and effort required for the program. For another student, there was no other option but to attend. In order to have a positive impact on his organization, he needed to build his business intelligence as responsibilities quickly increased at work. Another student waited a full year before starting the program due to family obligations, and wanted to ensure his full attention to the program. Finally, one student decided that there would never be a good time to rearrange her life in order to make this program fit perfectly, so she accepted that the program was perfect for her even if the timing was not.

Here are some additional questions to ask yourself:

  • What impact will earning an MBA have on my role, organization, family, community, and society at large?
  • Has my current career path given me the chance to evolve into a leadership role? What is my leadership potential?
  • How will I carve out an additional 15-plus hours from my current commitments to focus on my studies?
  • How committed am I to taking the GRE or GMAT?
  • How motivated am I to become a part of a mission-driven, intellectually curious, and rigorous academic program?
  • How prepared am I to travel to New Haven, Connecticut, every other weekend for 22 months?
  • How supportive is my organization in terms of allowing time away?
  • What are my funding options?

Again, it is always a pleasure to meet with candidates to further discuss our program, provide insights into readiness, and offer next steps. Please feel free to reach out to me by phone (203-436-9149) or email to schedule a time to connect and affirm the right timeline for you.

Maria Stutsman y Marquez
Associate Director of Admissions


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Maria Stutsman y Marquez

Associate Director of Admissions