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Forming a Bond in Student Government

We just elected the president for Student Government (well done, Kaitlin Koga ’17), and soon it will be my last student government meeting. The wonderful thing about change is that so often it is hopeful, and from the last two years, I think that the optimism we feel for SOM is well placed.

During the last two years, the cohort reps—the representatives of each of the four color-themed cohorts to Student Government—have planned parties, backyard BBQs, costumed events, and bowling outings, and soon it will be the Cohort Olympics once more. The event is the pinnacle of the cohort’s jovial competition, where there are various events in which MBAs show off their hidden skills with a hula hoop, tug of war, or at throwing eggs. It’s been fun, but these moments mean so much more as they add so much to our community spirit and our sense of belonging.

I remember telling Anuj Rajain ’16, before he decided to run for first-year cohort rep for Gold and won, that the special joy of the role is your ability to be a rogue, a rebel, a rascal. It’s not the same thing as troublemaker, for the fact that we are tasked to connect people means that often we are a source of advice and a voice for dissent because of the freedom our position affords us. In my opinion, the cohort rep’s job may appear to be as deep as a puddle only to those who lack imagination.

I’m proud of my cohort for the way they’ve contributed to my and others’ learning throughout their time at Yale SOM, and pleased with the confidence and trust they placed in me to speak for them. Not only did I get to know them all as the incredible individuals they are, but also as the passsionate cohort that we became.

The final gold class of 2016 will be on May 10 at Mory’s, and yes, the only cups we will be ordering will be gold.