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For EMBA Students, a Varied Return on Investment

The financial ROI for EMBA students is considerable, but many in the program report even greater satisfaction from the program’s non-financial benefits.

October 27, 2017

Saturdays spent in a classroom. Hours of homework. Tuition fees.

Going back to school to earn an MBA for Executives degree is a serious decision. At the Yale School of Management, students in the EMBA program earn the same degree as their full time counterparts, study the same integrated core curriculum, and take the same number of credits. This is on top of demanding jobs and busy personal and family lives.

So why do they do it?

Simply put: Return on investment, or ROI.

Everyone defines a return on investment differently: some people seek to grow their professional network, while others are looking to tackle more challenging professional opportunities. Still others are looking to make the jump from technical manager to general manager. Most are looking for a return on their financial investment. Nearly half of the MBA for Executives Class of 2017 reported receiving promotions during the program, with an average salary increase of 28.8% before graduation. Graduates see even more substantial increases in their salaries—in some years, an average of 45% in the three years after graduation.

However, the returns on investment are not merely financial. Graduates of the MBA for Executives program report the greatest satisfaction from some of the other benefits of business school.

New Skills, New Confidence

Students in the MBA for Executives follow a rigorous academic program: First the unique integrated core curriculum, and then a deeper dive into advanced management topics and an area of focus. Students build confidence in their ability to grapple with complex business and societal challenges. Students are divided into diverse learning teams and practice working with peers from different sectors and job functions, which prepares them to lead collaborative projects and break down silos in their own organizations.

A Future-Proofed Career

Students not only learn new skills and techniques, but they also learn to take a broader perspective on their organizations, their sectors, and society. They learn critical thinking and decision-making skills that are increasingly important as their management responsibilities grow. They acquire the agility to work and lead in dynamic and quickly changing environments—abilities highly coveted in senior leaders.

A Lifelong Professional Network

Students in the Yale SOM MBA for Executives program value the close-knit community formed in the program. The 70 students in each cohort are able to bond with each other during class weekends, mid-week social events, and informal commuter clubs. Students also enjoy the benefits of both the School of Management alumni network and the famously strong Alumni of Yale Association network.

About the author

Silvia McCallister-Castillo

Assistant Dean for the Executive MBA