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EMBA Students Win National Healthcare Case Competition

An innovative model for prenatal care presented by Amy Romano ’15 and Joseph Ianelli ’15 won first place at the Business School Alliance for Health Management (BAHM) case competition in April.

Romano and Ianelli, both healthcare students in the MBA for Executives program, represented the Yale School of Management at the annual competition, which was held at the University of Colorado Denver Business School. Romano and Ianelli won $10,000.

Joseph Ianelli ’15 and Amy Romano ’15

The theme of the case competition was “Healthcare Delivery Innovation.” The competition included a written submission and an oral presentation. Ianelli and Romano presented “CenteringPregnancy: A Low-Tech, Patient-Centered Care Model to Reduce Preterm Birth.”

The CenteringPregnancy approach calls for redesigning prenatal care so that women who are due to give birth around the same time have their medical visits together. It has been shown to reduce preterm birth and reduce disparities in infant health.

“The model emphasizes engagement, empowerment, and community-building,” Romano said. “It was developed by a Yale-trained midwife, Sharon Rising, and the first randomized controlled trial was conducted at Yale, so it felt great to represent the university and highlight healthcare innovation here.”

Ianelli said that the competition allowed him to practice his public speaking skills and to collaborate with Romano, a midwife whom he called an “expert” in the topic. With busy professional schedules in addition to their coursework, the two didn’t get to run through their presentation until the day before the competition.

 “Part of the joy of the EMBA program is knowing our classmates’ abilities and developing a deep, lasting trust in their friendships and in their work,” Ianelli said. “This was really a testimony not only to Amy’s remarkable abilities but to how well the EMBA program prepares us.”

Other finalist teams in the case competition came from Northwestern University, the University of California Berkeley, and Boston University.

“As Joe and I reach the end of our time at SOM, it was incredible to bring together everything we’ve learned here to win this competition,” Romano said. “As dear friends, it was also wonderful to be able to collaborate on a project before we graduate.”

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