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Cranberries in the Summer

May 24, 2014

We work our tails off, it's true. But one of the most incredible things at the EMBA program at SOM is the faculty, all of them amazing in their own unique ways. They work their tails off to make our experience richer, deeper, and more fun. This week the 2015 EMBA group slaved over an operations case involving allocating resources to the delivery, sorting and cleaning of cranberries. Professor Art Swersey warned us it would be hard, and it was. Today in class, he went over the case, then nonchalantly assembled a mini cranberry sorting facility on a table, as a wonderful joke to catch us off guard.

A little toy truck that carried a bunch of little red and blue balls, ("The blue ones are the wet cranberries, and the red ones the dry cranberries!"  to a lift and a a couple of conveyor belts that shuttled the "cranberries" away. He was delighted to make us laugh at our own stress, and we were delighted to have the outlet.

The most incredible thing of all: when we walked out of the room at break time, the snack table that is always there with fruits, cookies and drinks, had been hijacked. Art had snuck in a cranberry feast: cranberry scones, muffins, bread, dried cranberries, cranberry juice. (Sorry, Barry Nalebuff, there was no Honest Tea - maybe cranberry is a flavor in need of development?). We were all stunned and delighted at the level of interest, implication and compassion. Quite simply: Art rocks. His birthday was Memorial Day this year (2 days after class).

Happy Birthday Art! I hope you have a great cranberry cake!


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