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Computers, Government, and The Gartska Cup

April 22, 2007

Well the lack of blog entries on my part has been due to the fact that I managed to blow up not one, but TWO computers that I own last Monday. I think that takes some sort of talent, which I don't think employers would necessarily hire me for. I started with my laptop (which has since been fixed), then I moved onto my desktop, which unfortunately appears to be toast. I was waiting for that to happen so it looks like I'll be in the market for a new Dell. Last week I also found out the results for the Student Government elections that were completed the preceding week. I was running for Student Body Representative for the Class of 2008 and I ended up being one of two students elected. It was a tough race since I was running against four of my classmates. I don't know what to expect as I have never really held any student-wide government position, so it should be a good learning experience! Finally this weekend was Welcome Weekend for the Class of 2009, which means The Gartska Cup. The Garska Cup is named for our deputy dean, Stan Gartska, and it pits the First Years versus the Second Years in a hockey game. It was a good time seeing my friends/classmates on the ice (including fellow blogger, Josh). Unfortunately, we lost to the Second Years 6-3. The Second Years took the lead 2-0 in the first and we battled back to tie the game at 2, but in the end they were too much for us (personally I think our team took it easy on them and didn't want to send them out of SOM on a sour note). From what I've been told we were playing without 3 of our best players so Class of 2009 be forewarned, we will be out for revenge next year!!! That cup is OURS!! For those of you I met while I was manning the Student Government/Social Committee booth at the Club Fair or at the Strategy Game on Saturday morning, I hope you had an enjoyable Welcome Weekend and I look forward to seeing you at SOM next year. Off to read The Blackstone-Equity Office Properties case for my ILP class tomorrow. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been looking forward to this class since I saw the syllabus in March.

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