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Club Spotlight: Integrated Leadership Case Competition

Each month the MBA Blog takes a closer look at one of Yale SOM's 40+ student clubs. Clubs are an integral part of student life at the school, providing forums for discussion and opportunities for leadership, and fostering business skills through workshops, conferences, and consulting engagements.

Integrated Leadership Case Competition


Andres Alarcon ’15, Anurati Tandon ’15, Jayant Gokhale ’15, Jennifer Peterson ’15, Jeremiah Peterson ’15, Supriyo Roy ’15, Cobus Kok MAM ’15, Cynthia Qi ’16, Jane Soetiono ’16, Kumar Vivek ’16, Mallika Joglekar ’16, Margarita Nachevnik ’16, Meenu Iyer ’16, Pedro Furtado ’16, Tanvee Rao ’16

About the Club

The Yale School of Management Integrated Leadership Case Competition (ILCC) was created to convene the best students from participating universities in developing creative solutions for business challenges that require the integration of multiple disciplines. Launched by Yale SOM’s Student Government in April 2013, the competition expanded to include teams from around the globe and was sponsored last year by Analysis Group, EY, Nestle Waters, the Global Network for Advanced Management, and Yale SOM’s Leadership Development Program. Last year 13 schools hailing from seven countries participated with Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University claiming victory.

The Yale SOM team who put on ILCC 2014

Yale SOM students begin planning for the case competition at the beginning of the academic year and work closely with school senior leadership and administration, the Global Network for Advanced Management, and SOM alumni to create an event that highlights the global nature of Yale SOM and the reach of the school. We want participants from around the globe to have a chance to experience Yale SOM’s culture during the competition and we welcome them into the community.

Club Events

The 2015 case competition will be held at Yale SOM in New Haven, CT from April 10-12, 2015.

Based on Yale SOM’s integrated curriculum and comprehensive leadership development program, competing students are encouraged to take into account different vantage points (finance, marketing, ethics, etc) and multiple stakeholders (customers, investors, employees, etc) when formulating their strategy for resolving multi-faceted and complex problems. The case competition asks students from ten to fifteen participating top international business schools to tackle a Yale SOM raw case. Competing teams will be given the raw case on the day of the competition, and at the end of the day, teams will present their ideas to a panel of esteemed judges representing Yale faculty, sponsors, and corporate leaders.

The winning team of ILCC 2014: Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University

Yale SOM pioneered a “raw” format for case studies in 2006. Raw cases are web-based, open-ended, and multi-perspective presentations that can feature thousands of pages of relevant material that students must analyze, such as 10-Ks, analyst reports, news articles, stock charts, and interviews with key players. This format reflects the way managers must access and analyze information to make informed business decisions. 

What Club Members Have to Say:

Compared to other US MBA programs, for me, Yale is the one that has the most distinct personality. Its sense of community, social responsibility, and global awareness was always important to me. ILCC is one of the few events that showcases almost all the things that make Yale SOM the most idiosyncratic program out there.  – Andres Alarcon ’15

I thought joining ILCC was the best way to demonstrate to the wider MBA community some of what we are most proud of at SOM – the global network, the raw case, the integrated curriculum. It was also such a great way to get to know all these other stakeholders at SOM – the faculty, the case writers, the alumni, the Dean’s Office etc.  – Anurati Tandon ’15 

ILCC was a great way for me to give back to the SOM community.  – Jayant Gokhale ’15

The opportunity to network with schools from around the world, including schools from the Global Network for Advanced Management, is a unique opportunity offered through ILCC. – Jeremiah Peterson ‘15

ILCC is such a great way to take all the interesting methods of learning at Yale – perspectives courses, raw cases, cross-subject expert classes – and showcase it to the students from other universities! – Tanvee Rao ‘16

I joined ILCC because I wanted to learn more about case competitions – a very unknown type of academic event for Brazilians – and also for the opportunity to be a part of the Yale SOM community by exercising a leadership position. – Pedro Furtado ‘16

All the competitor teams in ILCC 2014

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