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Celebrating Authenticity Through the Japan Club

Last week, Yale SOM’s Japan Club invited a professional sushi chef to campus to host a sushi event. Attendees learned about the history of sushi, and the sushi chef demonstrated how to make authentic sushi, called nigiri. Attendees also enjoyed samples.

Ever since I came to Yale SOM, I have looked for ways to add value to the community. As an international student, I faced language barriers and experienced cultural differences, and so was striving to come up with my own unique contribution. Realizing that I knew Japan, my home country, more than any other student, I decided to devote my Yale SOM life to Japan Club, sharing Japanese culture with SOMers. I am proud that we have organized seven events in total this year.

In organizing Japan Club events, we have always placed emphasis on authenticity. When we held a rice-cake making ceremony, we invited rice-cake professionals from Japan. When we held a Ninja event, we invited a real Ninja from Japan. We believe that authenticity is crucial in a globalized world. Holding truly authentic events and sharing Japanese culture are the value we have added to the community.

Yale SOM is the most global business school in the U.S., and students highly value cultural diversity. I was fortunate to be surrounded by those who were curious about cultural events. At the same time, I am very grateful to AASL, Student Government, ONE|SOM, event partners, and all the attendees of Japan Club events. We wouldn’t have made it without your support and help. Arigato (thank you)!