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Case Excerpts

Journey to Hebron

April 2, 2019
Wall with graffiti and barbed wire
In June, 2018, Project Editor Nicholas Strong recorded what he saw as he traveled through the West Bank from East Jerusalem to the Old City of Hebron and back. Navigating checkpoints, settlements, and military installations as he moved through the patchwork of Palestinian and Israeli-controlled zones by bus, taxi, and on foot, his journey gives viewers an intimate first-person record of daily life on the West Bank. Continue reading “Journey to Hebron”

Robert Fabricant of frog design Discusses Benefits and Limits of "Design Thinking"

March 1, 2018

 frog design, New York, NY - 7/29/2010 Case Excerpt: “When frog principal designer Michele Tepper visited iTEACH in KwaZulu-Natal, she quickly learned that every conversation, no matter how heated, began with polite greetings. The first ‘hello’ was always the Zulu word...

Continue reading “Robert Fabricant of frog design Discusses Benefits and Limits of "Design Thinking"”

Contracts on the Silk Road

January 23, 2018
In this model contract, or exemplar, from the nineteenth century, the character si 厶 (“blank to be filled in”) indicates a place in which the scribe should insert characters. The first instance appears on the first line, seven characters down, after a red punctuation mark, which reads “blank-to-be-filled-in last-name given-name] Model contracts, or exemplars, were in use in the nineteenth century. Continue reading “Contracts on the Silk Road”