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Bring On Spring

Its study day: that short break between the end of classes and a round of finals. Thankfully, this quarter 1/2 of the finals are take home -- even if that means doing some work into the beginning of our two week spring break. Today's unseasonably warm Connecticut weather is not helping with my motivation to tackle Competitive Strategy cases and Operations practice problems. Last night the Internship Fund Pledge Drive came to a photo finish - with one of our male classmates from the winning cohort dressing in drag at happy hour! Personally, I'm looking forward to the IF Auction in April, where I can contribute by scoring myself an adorable puppy for the weekend. The last quarter of this first year holds lots of other exciting events (including the arrival of my first niece!) so it is sure to be a busy one. With the warmer weather, outdoor happy hours and intramural softball will return and I will start golf lessons arranged by the Women In Management Club. Oh right, and there's also a full course-load of electives and the end of core with the Integrated Leadership Perspective. You'll hear more about my spring experiences as they come - for now it's time to focus on these finals and get on with vacation!