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Break time

It was four months of non-stop classes, TA-ing, gymming, walking to school, cajoling a ride home from school, setting up group meetings, meeting in groups, working in groups (different), managing groups, frittering away 15 precious minutes gossiping in the Hall of Mirrors, last minute projects and, always always, trying to do the reading.And since mid-December, I have been blissfully idle.As a second year, I have nearly five weeks of vacation from the holidays until the end of January. (The first years begin their Internaional Experience next week). My current state of complete nothingness--where the postman is the only interruption to my rising when I feel like waking, and going to sleep, circadian-rhythm-like, when my day is complete--did not happen all at once. I spent my first week in my home town catching up with friends over wine, and seeing family over more wine. I then spent some time in Vermont, and a few days in Montreal eating sesame bagels. It was the dissuading amount of snow (VT) and my whiny-ness about the cold (5 degs F, Canada) that truly forced me to sit still, inside, and watch endless episodes of Gossip Girl, season one (thank you, Santa).Next week I am heading to Argentina with my dear friend and classmate, Cassandra. We have no agenda. We want to let the trip unfold on its own.We'll see how that goes. As I was falling asleep last night I had a little panic, and I reserved a hotel in Buenos Aires today. Can't totally shake type A me.