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Back from break

As I write this post, we are digging out from yet another winter snow storm. There has been an unusually high amount of snow this year here in New England -- which I actually like because it's quite beautiful (despite the difficulty getting around).{C} Along with the snow has come an uptick in activity here on campus -- spring semester classes started back up Tuesday. It's been great to see the students back on campus and to hear the first-years tell stories from their International Experience trips to the UAE, Costa Rica, Turkey, China, and elsewhere. There's a definite energy on campus as people reconnect and get back into the swing of classes.Which is not to say that things haven't been busy over break here in the Admissions Office. We closed out Round 1 on January 16 by sending out decisions to everyone who hadn't yet heard from us. We had to make some very hard decisions on some strong applicants, which is always tough to do, but we're very pleased to welcome a wonderful group of first-rounders to SOM. We're now turning our attention to our Round 2 applications, which came in on January 7. We've started our review process in earnest at this point and have even sent out the first wave of interview invitations. We will continue to send out invitations throughout the round as we continue to read files. The early returns on the round are that it looks like another very strong batch of applicants. We're looking forward to reading everyone's files and hopefully meeting many candidates during the process, both here at SOM and on our travels. In fact, now that classes have started up, we are also back into the swing of our campus visit program, which has been very busy these first two days of classes and looks to continue to be so during the early part of the semester. Anyone who is interested in visiting campus can schedule a visit through our website. I will post more updates as the round progresses.