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An Annual Tradition: #GiveSOMThanks

Here at SOM we have a lot to be thankful for – our fabulous community of faculty and administrative staff, our new friends at the café and cafeteria who keep us caffeinated and well-fed, the teams who work tirelessly to keep our beautiful glass building sparkling and our classrooms clean, our IT department who keep our emails flowing and facilitate video conferences with students and leaders from around the world, and many more. We’re a lucky bunch.

Amid the chaos of winter finals, holiday parties, start-up launches, town hall meetings, and concerts, SOM’s student body came together. In the spirit of thankfulness – and our call to arms #giveSOMthanks – we made time to bake over 90 dozen cookies (that’s more than 1,000 delicious bites!) which were packed and delivered by our holiday elves to over 160 faculty, administration, and staff. This is an annual tradition that we were proud to carry on this year within the student body.

We love being part of this generous community, and can’t wait to find other ways for SOM students to engage with our school community, other Yale programs, and greater New Haven in 2015. 

Plus, now we’ve identified the best bakers among our classmates and can start begging them for study break treats!

Happy holidays to everyone and here’s to a happy New Year!