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Admissions Corner: Communities within a Community

The Yale School of Management has MBA students from 42 countries, a student body that is 38% women, and 10 identity and regional student clubs. But these statistics only begin to describe the diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and aspirations within the Yale SOM community.

I have spent the majority of my career (12 years and counting…) working at universities and continue to be fascinated by the layers of rich and varied experience found beneath the surface of a class profile. These nuances are of particular importance at Yale SOM, where we recognize and emphasize the importance of  learning to work in and lead teams of people who are different from yourself.

I am excited to join the Yale SOM team in a newly created position. My role is to think about and help to shape the MBA experience, with a particular eye on the experiences of sub-cultures—students of color, LGBT students, women, and others—within our close-knit community. The diversity in backgrounds at SOM is one of the strengths of the program, and I look forward to helping to create more opportunities for students to share with one another more about what makes them unique. I believe these personal, one-to-one connections to be the most impactful way to break down stereotypes and increase our capacity to understand and accept difference. This ability is a key asset for global leaders and one that we strive to cultivate at SOM.

While I may be new to the Yale SOM community (with one New Haven winter under my belt), I have already been amazed by the passion, compassion, and comraderie in the student body. I look forward to meeting many of you in your home cities and on campus to learn how you will contribute to our diverse and dynamic environment.

Director of Community and Inclusion