Yale School of Management

Access and Impact: Perspectives from the Opening Conference

The Yale School of Management (Yale SOM) celebrated a momentous occasion this past weekend—the transition to Edwards P. Evans Hall, our new state-of-the-art campus, designed by architect Lord Norman Foster, ’ARCH ‘62. To mark this event, Yale SOM hosted an opening conference, Business & Society: Leadership in an Increasingly Complex World, which brought together some of the best minds in the Yale community with thought leaders and business leaders from the domains of finance, healthcare, education, entrepreneurship, sustainability and leadership. MBA for Executives team members share their personal conference highlights:

January 17, 2014

Dolores Grillo

Assistant Director, MBA for Executives

An event like this reminds us all of the wealth of knowledge, the breath of expertise, and the scholarly accomplishments of our faculty. But I’m also taken by how accessible they are to our students.

Our MBA for Executives students are able to access scholars such as Yale President Emeritus Richard Levin and Yale President Peter Salovey; Elizabeth Bradley, Faculty Director, Yale Global Health Leadership Institute, and Director of the Yale Global Health Initiative, who led the discussion on Healthcare Innovation; Ravi Dhar, Director of the Center for Customer Insights, who moderated the panel on Global Markets and Consumers; Yale SOM Dean Snyder, who participated in the Global Network Deans' Panel to discuss leaders today and how they can be developed; Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller, Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale and Professor of Finance at Yale SOM;  Senior Associate Dean David Bach who facilitated the Bank of Ireland: A Raw Case Study discussion, with the case protagonist, Wilbur Ross ‘59, in attendance to share insights and take questions; Jeffrey Garten, Juan Trippe Professor in the Practice of International Trade;  Jim Baron, William S. Beinecke Professor of Management;  Retired Brigadier General Thomas Kolditz, Director of the SOM Leadership Development Program…to name but a few.

Our students proudly joined with fellow students from across Yale SOM to guide visitors, attend seminars and ensure the smooth running of the conference. They met Deans from the Global Network of Advanced Management; they asked questions to panelists, networked with key influencers, and of course, spent time with their favorite professors.

Vani Nadarajah

Director of Admissions for Executive and Global Programs

Our School mission is to educate leaders for business and society and this force was strong in every event that I attended. I never tire of seeing the passion for this mission in our students, my colleagues, our faculty and leaders. There is a deep concern at Yale to make an impact, to develop leaders who will help to solve big, complex, global problems through integrity, excellence and good leadership.

The conference closed with a panel about Finance in Society, moderated by our Faculty Director for Asset Management: Will Goetzmann, with a panel featuring some of the leading thinkers from the worlds of finance and economics. This discussion in particular made my hair stand on end! It left me with a sense of hope for the future, that it is possible for the financial industry to play a role once again in Robert Shiller’s definition of ‘the Good Society’. Jane Mendillo (YC ’80) hit the nail on the head when she spoke about the learning experience at SOM: along with a good grounding of how finance works in society and how innovation has worked to date, she stressed the importance of ethics. She reminded us that in finance you are usually working with other people’s money and therefore a sense of responsibility is crucial. As she put it: ‘We cant change the global financial system alone, but we can put more people out there who will take these skills into leadership positions’.http://som.yale.edu/business-society-leadership-increasingly-complex-world